The Jeep Transport is pretty easy...

We use a standard semi-truck car carrier and 10-12 Jeeps at a time. Each vehicle is insured up to $100,000. It is recommended have a full check up of their Jeep by owner or shop to make sure everything is operational.

All vehicles must be left with us a day in advance, we will do a basic pre-check beforehand just to be safe. Following that, the rigs will be loaded up and starting their few day journeys to Utah or Colorado. Everyone will fly out and pick up their Jeeps at the pickup location.

Liability is $100,00 per vehicle, all vehicles are subjected to a checkpoint sheet to see pre-existing damage before the trip there and back.
It takes 4 or so days if the weather is good for the trip. It's not guaranteed because of conditions such as weather but drivers are limited to a number of hours they can drive per day, so certain conditions can extend the time a little.
If a vehicle is damaged for a return trip, there are a couple of options. Either a trusted local shop may do the repair if it fits into the timeline, OR the vehicle will be repaired to a rolling status if it isn't already, to be loaded on the carrier and be returned home to complete any repairs