Here's where all the fun comes!

For 3 straight days...without being exhausted or sore from travel, we will have breakfast together where we will meet our trail guide for the day. Following that, you can expect to assess our Jeeps and prep anything we need to, then head off to our first trail! If you've never been to Colorado or Utah, trails are hours long, nothing compared to Florida! Our trail guide will make sure that any obstacles attempted, you will be spotted for safety no matter if you are an experienced or brand new Jeeper looking for a vacation. We will have a break for lunch and to walk around, take photos, do quick video interviews and enjoy the surroundings of the most beautiful places earth gives us! After our break, we will continue to ride another trail or possibly two depending on the time and how long the selected trail is. Near the end, it can be up to the group to all have dinner together, or with whom came with you....possibly split up if you want. There is no requirement, just to have fun! This will be a normal schedule for Utah and Colorado, and for 3 days straight! You will be tired by the end of day 3 but in a good way. And the best part is, you don't even have to drive home.