Offroad Jeep Adventures is a company that started to serve the Jeep enthusiasts and offer another alternative to going out west to traverse the famous Offroad trails in Utah and Colorado. Knowing most people can't take multiple weeks off at a time or don't want to deal with every little detail.

We started making a way that people could still experience all the famous trails, have them be guided for first-timers, take care of hotel/resort stay, and better yet, transport your Jeep across the country to keep the miles off of your Jeep and everything with it. Not to mention, to save you TIME and jam everything in with only a week off.

Spending less time racking-up the miles on your Jeep and more time being on the trails experiencing the full Jeep experience is what we want. Hassle-free vacation package for you and your Jeep! It's also a great way to make new friends and enjoy it all as a group during the days out. The overall concept was just to create the package,  that provided the experience that should be associated with the Jeep and to make it memorable. 

Business Inquiries 

Offroad Jeep Adventures also provides special packages for certain places of business. For Jeep dealerships, we offer offroad packages for Jeep Renegades, Compasses and Cherokees.  All of our partners stand behind their product with full-warranties we can guarantee we transform these modern day Jeeps into an eye-catching rig that can be parked out or in a showroom! From lift, wheels, tires, lights, racks...to the smallest details of OJA touches, we can make sure you stand out as other brands flood the market with small and mid-sized SUVs that have good MPG's, space, and practicality for daily driving.

Offroad Jeep Adventures also offers custom events tuned to your specific place of business and location. Whether it's a trail ride or Jeep show, if your business will benefit from a large group of people at your location, we can offer a customized event to get your business back on the map and flowing again!